Welcome To Furrows

Here you will learn somethings about us:

  • The who, where, what, why and much more
  • What we have on offer
  • The things that we are serious about

We used to chase after money and possessions and never had enough. 

Now we focus on giving and on the beauty of life.  

…it is all about creating ourselves and enriching others.


Live healthy and longer just by making a few changes to our lifestyle

Self Sufficient

Our aim is to be self sufficient were we will need no or very little outside help in satisfying our basic needs, especially with regard to cultivating our own food as well as sharing that


Our ability to perceive the world with new eyes, to find hidden paths, to make connections between seemingly unrelated events, and to initiate answers


The more we deal with work as something that is our own, as something that is personal, the more successful it will be


Our service to you will always be the kindness of recognition. To smile and acknowledge a wave, a reaching hand, a friendly wink or hug


Providing a helping hand to those who might not otherwise have access to our services and trying to make a difference in their lives

Featured Services





Digital Fine Art

Custom Tattoo Designs



Tattoo Studio

Coming soon…

High Tea


Hikes & Picnic

Small Functions